Somerset County Archery Association

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The primary contact for the
Association is the Secretary:
President Vikki Gallop Vikki Gallop
Vice-Presidents  John Cunningham   Ray Hammersley Paul Maines

Position Holder Email
Secretary Anne Lewin
Chairperson Andrew Rees Andrew Rees
Vice-Chairperson Yvonne Oakshott
Treasurer Ian Crook Ian Crook
Affiliations Secretary Ian Crook Ian Crook
Archivist and Librarian Chris Johnson
Child Protection Officer Hayley Goodes Hayley Goodes
Coaching Organiser Rob Morgan Rob Morgan
Development Officer John Bennett  
Equipment Officer Vacant  
Field Representative John Bennett  
Judge Liaison Officer John Cunningham   John Cunningham
Junior Representative Claire Crook   
Postal Organiser Hilary Collins  Hilary Collins
Records Officer Chris Hole Chris Hole 
Senior Team Selector Chris Hole   Chris Hole
Webmaster Hilary Collins    Hilary Collins 

GWAS Reps Robin Leveridge Anne Lewin
Reserve GWAS Reps Peter Brookes  
Independent Examiners Vacant  

Tournament Secretaries
SCAA Outdoor Championships:
John Bennett
Junior Outdoor Championships:
Claire Crook
FITA Star:
SCAA Indoor Championships:
Robin Leveridge